North Alabama Home Educator's
List of Favorite Homeschool Sites

Homeschooling Pages:

Jon's Home-School Resource Page
Authored by Jon Shemitz this is *the* best homeschool site on the web! Look here first.

The Teel Family Home Page
A great site constructed by a homeschooling family in Alaska, USA.

Home Based Education Resources
Links for homeschool and on-line education resources.

Dive Into The Internet
a Bonnie Bedford page.

Unschooling Pages:

Jon's Unschooling Page
Jon's list of Unschooling Sites - short but good!

The Unschooling Homeschooler

Here we don't "study subjects", we follow passions and explore interests. Excellent links.

Special Needs Homeschooling:

Learning Challenged Children
Parents and friends of learning challenged children are welcome to visit!

The Special Needs Education Network World Wide Web

Religion Based Homeschooling:

Catholic Homeschooling Resource Page
Very thorough page of Catholic resources, with good links.

Homeschooling Unitarian Universalists and Humanists

Islamic Educational and Muslim Home School Resources

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